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Guude & Welcome

We would like to invite you to spend your visit with us as enjoyable as possible. Our aim is to combine cosmopolitanism with tradition. Our kitchen team will spoil your palate with fine regional tapas and popular culinary classics.
  • Tapas Journey

    Tapas Journey

    You can't decide which tapas you want to eat? Then let us surprise you and come with us on a culinary tapas journey. Our chef has put together two "journeys" for you: Surf & Turf and Green & Light (10 tapas each plus bread & butter). The tapas are served one by one, so you have enough time to enjoy.

    Daily from 3:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    Surf & Turf - € 49 per person | Green & Light - € 39 per person

  • Tapas - Regional Style

    Tapas - Regional Style

    You're probably familiar with this: you meet for a drink, which turns into two, and then suddenly you're hungry.

    But not for anything "big", just a tasty bite. And that's exactly the kind of tasty bite you'll find on our menu, namely regional tapas: home-made aioli with cider baguette, classic Grie Soß (green sauce), Frankfurt beef bangers, Hessian potato soup or Wetterau potato salad, to name just a few tapas.

  • Tapas + Cocktail = Duet

    Tapas + Cocktail = Duet

    Enjoy perfect culinary harmony: Our Main Tapas Lounge Manager James Vetter and the kitchen team around Chef Uwe Range have selected tapas and created a cocktail to match.

    … Small appetite, big pleasure - why not try a "duet", e.g. "Grie Soss" with egg in a delicious duet with Gin7 Frankfurter Gin | Carpano Bianco Vermouth | Apple Juice | Aromatic Bitters