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Uwe Range
Chef de Cuisine

Chef de Cuisine

The career path of Uwe Range, head chef at The Westin Grand Frankfurt, was actually predetermined at an early age. The North German from Usedom came from a family of sailors and always wanted to go to sea himself. Today, he brings a touch of Baltic seasoning to the regional-Hessian cuisine of the Frankfurt hotel.
As a child, Range accompanied his father on a merchant ship and noticed: "It smelled best in the kitchen, besides, the cook was the secret captain on board, because he contributed to the mood of the crew with his food." So Range decided to become a cook himself later on. No sooner said than done. He trained as a cook, prepared food for the crew of merchant ships, sailed with them to Asia and South America, spent months just on board. Back on the mainland, stations in hotels followed - also around the world - and let him get to know and love different cuisines, from Caribbean, South American to Chinese, and different cooking styles. He likes to call it "a colourful potpourri of flavours, people and mentalities". He now brings all his knowledge to the kitchen of The Westin Grand Frankfurt. He also played a major role in the new concept of the Main Tapas Lounge with his team and especially with his sous-chef, who comes from Frankfurt. "We offer Hessian tapas in a casual atmosphere, whereby we designed the menu with the whole team, everyone got involved," emphasises Range, for whom teamwork is very important. And here we are back at his professional start: a good atmosphere, with the team and with the guests, is and remains the most important thing for him.